Anchors Clinic

This clinic is essential for climbers looking to independently construct secure anchors for rock climbing. Learn to create safe, simple, and efficient anchoring systems. You will spend the day learning about: natural anchors, passive gear, active gear, fixed gear, knots, belay anchors, top-rope anchors, and rappel anchors. Beyond theory and gear placement, we will support you in problem solving through identifying the pros/cons of constructing safe and secure anchors in real world climbing scenarios. This clinic will be individualized based on your current abilities and interests. We look forward to discussing your needs and creating a unique and meaningful day of anchor instruction just for you. Climbing will not be part of this day, in most cases, though, if you’d like to climb the anchors you build, we’ll make time for it. If you prefer to concentrate on technical skills, that works too. Regardless, total course time will be the same.



Rates start at $150/person with a 2 person minimum, Actual meet up times may be adjusted due to scheduling or weather conditions. Clinics are NOT private and parties may be combined in order to fill a guides group for maximum guide efficiency

UPDATE: We are open and taking out trips with NO restrictions on group size, distancing, or who is in our group. Friends are fine and large groups are fine. All of our usual safety practices will still be implemented and you can count on us having your safety and satisfaction foremost in our minds!

Anchors Clinic I / II

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 ► All packages are tailored to meet the individual climbing needs and goals of the group.
►A harness and helmet will be provided to climbers. Or use your own gear
►An experienced trained guide and all equipment needed for the day is also included.