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Ice Climbing

Devil’s Nose- Wisconsin

Ice Climbing is a form of Rock Climbing with the added elements of cold and ice. Ice Climbing is a perfect choice for climbers looking for a different style of climbing or for those interested in climbing during the cold winter months. Ice climbing is exciting, exhilarating, and fun.

In ice climbing, individuals climb ice formations such as ice falls and frozen waterfalls. Different pieces of equipment can be used and various techniques can be done by the climber, depending on the slope and texture of ice.

Ice Climbing is a very popular and safe winter sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities.

Ice Climbing began in the early days of mountain climbing when climbers came across hard water ice in the gullies and faces of the terrain. As years progressed, techniques were developed and the climbs attempted became more and more difficult. Consequently, different tools and devices were made and improved to meet the demands of the growing population of ice climbers.  Axes and Crampons are the main tools used in this sport. Though the pieces of equipment used in Ice Climbing and Rock Climbing are almost the same, the medium to be climbed is a very different. While the quality of rock varies little over the year, ice, on the other hand, changes its form on a daily, even hourly basis.

Our trained guides at AIC are well versed in the sport of Ice Climbing and specializing in leading excursions all over the Midwest. Our guides have up to date, accurate knowledge of the Ice Climbing conditions all over the Midwest. Our guides will give you the best Ice Climbing experience including teaching you Ice Climbing techniques while providing you a safe, exhilarating experience from first time to advanced Ice Climbers. Choose our guides to learn the best techniques of Ice Climbing and to ensure a thoroughly enjoyable and individualized experience. Devils Lake Ice Climbing

 NOTE: Ice Climbing “lessons” are Free at Starved Rock SP and Governor Dodge, you are ONLY paying to rent the gear with the payment of your fee.

Rates start at $145/person with a 2 person minimum for a half day climb- Call or Book on-line!



All guided adventures will be 3 hours(half day) or 6 hrs long(full day) and will include necessary climbing equipment. Ages 12 and up

Tours are NOT private and parties may be combined in order to fill a guides group for maximum guide efficiency. Masks(face diapers) are not required to be worn and our staff will NOT be wearing them.

Ice Climbing

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 ► All packages are tailored to meet the individual climbing needs and goals of the group.
►A harness, boots/crampons, ice axes and helmet will be provided to all climbers.
                                                      ►An experienced trained guide