Mississippi Palisades, IL


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 Set along the Mississippi River, the Mississippi Palisades is a climbing destination rich in Native American history.

Climbers gather in ‘The Cove’  where limestone bluffs rise over 150 feet tall. Here, friendly climbers share tips on classic top-rope climbs such as “Nosey” and “First Crack.” 

Beyond climbing, the Palisades are a popular destination for scenic hikes, caving, and wildlife viewing. White-tailed deer, muskrat, weasel, mink, gray/red fox, woodchuck, badger, wild turkey, eagles, and woodpeckers are just some of the fauna that make the Palisades a memorable destination.

Note: This location is typically used for Groups such as Boy and Girl Scout outings. This can NOT be booked on-line and rates for these location are NOT the same as DL due to travel distance and staff availability. Call us for details and rates.

Mississippi Palisades State Park DNR Website

Mississippi Palisades State Park Official Map