AIC Deposit/Refund/Weather Policy:
Booking on-line will REQUIRE payment in full and will be held as a deposit to guarantee the trip.

Please understand that when you make a reservation our guides/instructors are committed for that date and time. We cannot refund your trip due to illness(including Covid) or changes in your schedule, as we have turned away other clients so we could run your tour.

Outdoor Adventure is, of course, an outdoor experience. Because we cannot control the elements, we cannot offer refunds due to discomforts, weather, or nature.

Deposits are non-refundable and guarantee the date/times. If you have to cancel your outing the AIC will try to re-book the dates with other clients and if the dates can be re-booked, a full refund will be given, less a $50 service fee per group/party. If AIC cancels a program we will provide a full refund(except if due to weather) but AIC will no way be held responsible for cost or fees due to canceling or rescheduling travel arrangements including but not limited to travel and lodging. Cancellations due to weather will try(make a good faith effort) to be re-scheduled(subject to AIC discretion) and are not refundable circumstances. AIC may push back the meet-up time if guide availability and weather allows to make the tour happen.

To provide you with a better outdoor experience, an outing may need to be rescheduled/postponed when temps drop below 50 degrees(at guide discretion) or rain/storms are present or are forecast during the tour time. Temp minimum does not apply to ice climbing.

In the event of inclement weather(or weather that does not allow the activity to happen such as in no ice to climb), the outing will try to be re-scheduled, no refunds will be given. Arrive prepared with proper clothing and plan to be out in less than ideal climbing conditions. AIC reserves the right to alter climbing plans and substitute climbing instruction which is course appropriate to best suit climbing ability, experience, and weather. It is up to AIC to decide when to cancel a program due to deteriorating weather-NO refunds. It is up to AIC to decide if a credit can or will be given to use on a future adventure date. NO refunds or re-scheduling will be permitted if you cancel less than 48 hrs prior to trip time. Any changes or re-scheduling will be charged a $50 service fee/change. Cancellation by the guest for any Covid issue is NOT a refundable circumstance. NO Refunds due to covid cancellations….

Safety Policy

We reserve the right to stop guided excursions at anytime if participants jeopardize the safety of themselves or others.  Under these circumstances, refunds will not be given. Masks will NOT be required to be worn by guests and our guides will NOT wear masks due to them interfering with clear communication and safe breathing during the outing.

Private Groups:

All climbing tours are not private and your group may be combined with others for staff efficiency. If you require a private session, please contact us for details and the cost to do so.  Thanks!


We get this question a lot, and it’s a great question!

This is up to the individual. Our guides do accept tips, and we can say that they are greatly appreciated, and go a long way towards making outdoor guiding a feasible career choice. However, we don’t want to pressure our clients, and the following should be regarded as a guideline in case you’re looking for guidance on this issue. Ultimately, as in many service industries, tipping is left up to the individual, but as a general practice, 10% – 20% of the trip cost is a common gratuity.

Thank you in advance!